A 100% customizable new tab.

In your company colours and logo

All the integrations you like.

Communicate with your teams everywhere. To do so, display your data, messages and activities from your favorite applications.

And much more.

News and updates every month.

• Real-time notifications

Send notifications to your employees to let them know about a meeting, wish them a birthday, share a new article or just say hello.

RemoteBoard helps you create content into a simple and intuitive platform.

• An easy follow-up

Understand the relevance of your content by assigning analytics tags to track it. In the RemoteBoard solution you have access to the number of clicks on your creations.

Export the statistics of your RemoteBoard usage to understand the relevance of your content.

Crystal-clear pricing.


Per user, per month.

Free for 15 days

No credit card required.

The ultimate loyalty tool for your employees.