Retain your employees

The company is accessible in two clicks in a new tab.

Engage your employees with relevant internal communication.

Most of your employees are teleworking and you don't know how to maintain your employer brand with them?

RemoteBoard helps you with just a few clicks.
  • Quick access to the intranet
  • One-click satisfaction questionnaire
  • Data Analysis
  • Gifs and mood of the day

Quick implementation

3 steps to your employees' happiness.

Create your new tab

Create your new tab

Thanks to an integrated designer and templates, create a new tab with your company's colors.

Invite your employees

Invite your employees

From the interface of the solution, write or import the emails of your collaborators to invite them to install your new RemoteBoard.

Send notifications

Send notifications

You can now send notifications to your employees and keep them informed of new features.

Crystal-clear pricing.


Per user, per month.

Free for 15 days

No credit card required.

The ultimate loyalty tool for your employees.