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We’re a remote-friendly company since Day 1. It started with Benjamin, Marty, and Rodolphe, working from Bordeaux, France, while Simon was working from Paris. And as the company grows, remote work remains a routine for the team.

Conversations in Slack, sharing files in Google Workspace, hanging out in Meet… We used a set of tools to keep our team aligned—and yet, one of our key challenges as a remote company was company-wide communication. So we decided to fix it.

This story is about how we work remotely and why we built RemoteBoard, the browser tab that helps you share your key messages with your team, no matter where you and your teamwork.

Remote Work: The Best Setup To Build And Use RemoteBoard

Everyone in the team can work remotely. Whatever work we do, as a developer or a sales representative, we can do it remotely. Sometimes it’s needed. For example, when Thomas and Quentin are commuting, before and after a business meeting. Sometimes, it’s a personal choice because one feels more productive at home, in Paris, Bordeaux, France, or elsewhere.

Here, we believe that the most important is that everyone feels happy. This way, we can do our best job, achieve the greatest things, and build an even more delightful experience for you—not the other way.

We can choose wherever we want to work, wherever we feel the most productive. Sure we’ve great offices in Bordeaux, but Florent feels more efficient with fresh air, while Simon and Corentin prefer to work side-by-side in a coworking space.

We can work remotely at any time. Some days a week, or the full week. Once or twice a month. Partially or full-time. That’s how Lucas and Florent work: full-time remotely. Again, what’s key here is to find the perfect setup where we’re the most productive so we can work better.

The balance between work life and personal life is vital.

To have the best setup is key. We rely on everyone to work in the best possible conditions, and we care about it.

Pro tip: a good Internet connection and a calm space, to focus and run audio and video meetings with ease, good headphones if you like music, and some coffee or tea—with a cloud of milk.

The best setup means both top-of-the-line equipment and the latest software. We have conversations in Slack, we share files in Google Workspace, we hang out in Meet. How about company-wide communication? How do we keep up with the team in no time to focus on what matters and enjoy a more balanced life?

We decided to fix it. We built RemoteBoard, the browser extension you need to keep up with your team in a New Tab.

Meet RemoteBoard, Remote Workers’ New Best Friend.

Default To Transparency

RemoteBoard helps you display your key messages in the browser of your team members. It replaces your Chrome, Edge, or Firefox default New Tab. No coding or design skills required! It’s simple, fast, and fun.

Easy as ABC. Your recent Tweet or Google Slides? Click. Shared. Set up your RemoteBoard account in no time. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to connect your Google Workspace and start sharing your most recent company news.

Command+T: Your Shortcut To Your Company-wide Communication

RemoteBoard empowers your team. You have the key messages, the right data, and metrics at your fingertips. Dozen of ready-made templates await so you can quickly create on-brand dashboards for your Chrome, Edge, or Firefox New Tab.

It’s blazingly fast. Share your company-wide communication with all your team members instantly. The best part? It keeps in-sync, so you don’t have to worry. You can even preview your content and schedule it in advance to display the right content at the right time.

We work with organizations of all sizes and industries worldwide, from fast-growing startups to Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Samsung, Spendesk, and Veolia.

In 1 click, our sales representatives get the data they need to increase their performances.

— Antoine Cormier, Director of Marketing @Solocal

So you want to get started with your RemoteBoard?

Great! We’re human after all. Do you have any questions? Drop us a line—we’re happy to help. And we reply fast.

RemoteBoard is the browser add-on you need to keep your teams aligned and focused on what matters. Start now.

Get RemoteBoard.

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