RemoteBoard, Clockwise, Station… Must-have Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser in the world. In addition to fast performance, a clean interface, and easy synch with mobile devices, some Chrome extensions can make your life easier and more productive.

At RemoteBoard, we are Google Workspace partners and have been using Chrome and its tools on a daily basis for years. I asked my co-workers what are their favourite Chrome extensions and listed them below.


How Clockwise manage your journey

How Clockwise manage your journey

It’s the essential extension for managing your calendar: it frees up your time so you can focus on what matters. Clockwise combines a powerful optimization engine with a personal calendar assistant to make your business life run smoothly. This extension automatically moves your meetings around to optimize your calendar and free up time for you and your team to concentrate. So you improve your time management with three main features.

  • Uninterrupted time slots to help you focus on what matters
  • Automatic resolution of scheduling conflicts to reduce your workload
  • Preferred work and meeting times for a daily schedule that suits you

Bonus: Clockwise can synchronize with your Slack to automatically change your status and indicate your occupations: meeting, focus time, lunch, off-hours.

Clockwise is must-have to manage my calendar. I set my preferences, and Clockwise free my calendar for more focus. As a team, the extension helps us find the best slots for meetings, and its autopilot feature is a breeze.

Florent, growth marketing

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The Grammarly extension

The best english extension

Do you work in English? Grammarly is the extension to have on your browser. In addition to correcting grammar and spelling, this extension helps you with the tone and turn of your sentences. It helps you eliminate writing errors and find the perfect words to express yourself.

Grammarly shares real-time comments on your Google Docs, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn files or anywhere you can write: it helps you understand at a glance not only what you can improve, but also why those improvements can help your reader.

Grammarly integrates with most work apps: Google Docs, Twitter, LinkedIn… It helps us keep consistency in all our English content.

Florent, growth marketing

Discover the Grammarly extension.


How the Pocket extension look on your Chrome

Your new best friend

The Pocket for Chrome extension is the easiest and fastest way to back up articles, videos and anything else you find on the Internet.

With a single click, the content you back up is available on all your devices in one place and a simple environment. Then you can access it whenever you want, whether you’re at home, at work or on the go. Pocket is like your bookmark where you can access the content that interests you.

Once the extension is installed you can either use it to save a link, articles or images or right-click directly: fast and efficient!

I use Pocket to save articles, blog posts and stories for later. It helps me learn new skills and challenge my work. Its simplified dark interface makes the reading experience a delight. My pro tip: Use the highlighter to save the best parts.


Install Pocket.


How to record your screen with Loom

The new way to record your screen

Loom is an extension that shows us the power of video. It allows you to get your messages across quickly and clearly whether you are integrating new employees, solving customer problems or making a presentation.

With this extension, you can record your screen, voice and face to create an instantly shareable video in seconds. With interactive feedback and comments throughout the timeline, it’s never been easier to share a design with a voice comment, give a product demonstration or send a video to your colleagues.

You can also record your screen, even outside of Chrome: to troubleshoot customer issues with your solution, for example. Loom is the fast and convenient extension you won’t be able to do without for sending videos.

I use Loom to connect with my prospects in a time of social distancing. In particular, I have replaced my usual emails and voice messages with videos made with Loom that allow me to present my message to my prospects while introducing myself in a more natural way to them.


Discover Loom.


The search bar in the Station extension

Your new search bar

Station is the browser extension that helps you move from one application to another, from one note to another, from one message to another.

No more wasting minutes searching for your documents, just click on the extension. Thanks to a search bar connected to all your favourite applications (and there are 670 available) you can view all your information directly from the extension and get there in one click. Switch to a Slack channel, a Google Sheet document or a Pitch presentation directly from the Station extension.

Station is my new favorite shortcut to search and access a document in Google Drive or a conversation in Slack. The best part? Its integration with Google Calendar. It’s the simplest way to view and join a meeting.


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How 1password help you with your security

How this extension help you with security

A password manager extension? 1password is made for you. Effortlessly save your passwords and secure each account in one place. Thanks to this Chrome extension, you will only have to remember one password: the master password of your account.

This extension goes even further with a subscription, offering you to share certain passwords with your team. Thanks to this collaboration, no more need to make secure files for newcomers in your company: you just have to add them on 1password. They will have direct access to the shared passwords on your company space.

The most practical? The automatic filling on the different sites.

1Password has really allowed me to manage passwords in my own way. In front of a rather rich news about password theft and distribution, it’s important to always use a complete password (24 characters for my part), different on each site, and if possible, activate the 2FA. The Chrome extension to have an advanced integration of the password manager is the must!


Discover the 1password extension.


RemoteBoard landing page.

Your new favorite tab

RemoteBoard is a Chrome extension for internal communication. You can display your intranet information and internal tools in the new tab of your browser. The extension also allows you to send notifications to your collaborators, wherever they work. Convenient for passing on information when you are working remotely, isn’t it?

RemoteBoard allows many integrations such as Google Slides, Sheets, LumApps, videos, gifs, custom buttons: your new tab becomes your best friend of productivity at work. Run an internal survey, share a new presentation or welcome a new employee? Nothing could be easier with this extension, it’s programmable in two clicks.

A very handy extension to manage group cohesion and transmit information within a remotely working team, but not only. The ability to update the RemoteBoard with a gif or happy weather gives us another reason to check out our new tab every day. Not to mention of course all the new presentations, future events, replays and KPIs that are just one click away.


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Bonus: Slack Emojis

Get your new Slack extension add-on !

Get your new Slack extension add-on !

We couldn’t introduce you to our favourite Chrome extensions without mentioning Slack Emojis. If like us, you use Slack for your team conversations, you’ll want to download this extension.

In just a few clicks you are logged into your account and you will receive a notification for each new emoji on the messages you send. Convenient to be notified of your collaborators’ reactions when you send a document or ask a question on a Slack channel. The application is 100% free, very easy to use but it’s also a side-project developed by our COO Simon. Something to be proud of.

Finally a tool to instantly see the reactions of my colleagues to my Slack publications or those I am concerned by! All you need to do is to install the free web extension on your browser and you will then automatically receive all the notifications related to the reactions expressed in Slack.


Install the extension.

Thank you for reading! Over to you, what are your favourite extensions? Feel free to email us at or leave a comment, we’d be happy to discuss with you.